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it is wednesday morning. glorious thunderstorms.

the skies are sharing in this powerful, heartwrenching time of acceptance. hannah died six days ago.

through her death, there has been access to Love. the veil, thin and at times, completely dissolved. it is a holy time. all is sacred.

in times like these, all is here to support. i want to remember this reality. it is evidence.

there’s been the rain, the thunder. rosemary for eggs, the cardinal, skunk, and raccoon–both babies and flirty. Lily dog. Stanley, the prophet with the shofar at the park. hummingbird. movie milk duds with meg midday. even what is not is holy: Living School in-person at Albuquerque.

and with each breath, each single encounter with Life, there is evidence of a love story so encompassing…words fall short.

Hannah, my sweet apricot poodle mama dog loved us so completely, so absolutely, so unconditionally, changing us evermore.

changing me, evermore.

now, together we occupy this chrysalis time of change, taking on new forms within the womb of the Great Mother.

there is the universal pattern of life: life/death/rebirth. order/disorder/reorder.

let it rain down. the thunder is the amen.

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