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In this book we both share our stories of growth and healing and then invite you into your own 40 day journey to remembering soul and spirit. Each day includes an affirmation, journaling questions, exercises, and a quote to support healing in an integral way.

Some books, we write. Others write us.

This book is one of those.  After an initial meeting, it was clear that Quanita and I had work to do together. It didn't take long for it to be revealed that it was this book. She'd been working with it for nearly fifteen years at that point. She'd later say that she thought she had been dragging her feet but really, she was waiting on me.  The book illumines the universal journey from slavery to freedom, particularly through the lens of race. All of us bear the wounds of White Supremacy; these wounds manifest differently based on our particular human conditions. While this difference is painful, it also offers precise medicine for the healing of these wounds and for these times. 


Listen to Quanita and I share more about the book on the Common Good Podcast, recorded May 22, 2023.  

In the U.S., we are all swimming in the waters of what is right, real and true as White and male. Because of Western globalization, these beliefs have spilled over the rest of our world forming a yardstick by which we measure everything. Changing our beliefs, changes the yardstick. Changing the yardstick, changes the world.

from The Innerground Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul and Spirit

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