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Two years ago we fell in love with this 19 acres of wild at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. We’ve come to know her as the Land of WildRoots. When we first arrived she had been stripped, degraded and reconfigured– just beginning to heal. Over these two years it has been so humbling and empowering to see Mother Nature at work, nothing wasted or excluded, everything used–including death–for life. This wild place offers a window to witness change and to return to our own true nature. We know there is such an amazing opportunity to learn with and from Mother Nature: to be her guest and collaborator, as this land is slowly but strongly being reborn and we want to share that with you. We envision the Land of WildRoots to be a place that hosts experiences to be with the wild, enjoy nature, and remember the truth of who we are as divine, human beings.




In this Anthropocene age, the wild is crying out. We have cast Her out (the Feminine)–the unknown, the mystery, the shadow, the darkness, the monster–and work ourselves to death trying to control and tame all that we feel is threatening us. What if the wild isn’t threatening us? What if “us”--how we conceptualize our individual selves isn’t as small and narrow and finite as we believe? What if we are here, incarnate in this particular evolutionary moment, with purpose, handed down and carried through by ancestors, who are with us, now guiding and supporting? What if Life, God, Nature is loving us, breathing life into us through the endless cycles of life/death/rebirth? What if we could relax our addictions to sanitize, problem-solve, fix, intervene, treat, contain…and open and allow life to move us? What if we could join with the humming vibration of life that is beckoning us awake so that we might participate in this unfolding mystery of Life?


The wild shows us that everything is of use, nothing wasted.  The wild–the mystery, the raw, bleeding, underbelly moving in the mycelium and shit and decay and mess and shadows and undergirth–all contribute to the alchemy of death for life. Here, in the wild, It is all life. It is all love. 

contribute + join us

Inviting love and support in the form of seed money to support the cultivation of the Land of WildRoots. These nineteen acres of wild at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains is the home of a soul dream: to come into right relationship with Mother Earth and to remember the truth of who we are as humans.

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