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about me

my birth name is amy elizabeth johnson howton. 


my spiritual name is Bonewoman.


i am devoted to creating more loving, 

liberating, and life-affirming stories of who we

are and what is possible when we remember. 

my work over the past thirty years has focused in the areas of trauma, racial + gender justice, community building, and organizational leadership development. 

i hold an MA in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and a doctorate in Ecological Counseling. i am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Ohio, certified in Reiki, experienced in participatory action research, human-centered design, and trained in the Art of Hosting. i draw inspiration and guidance from the contemplative and mystical Christian wisdom tradition and the Celtic, Shambhala, Cherokee, and Dagara lineages I carry. 

the natural world has been my most enduring classroom, grounding my practice in living systems, systems thinking, and emergent theory. i have taught at the university-level and practiced in various contexts including higher education, community-based nonprofits, faith-based institutions with experience working with individuals, organizations, and in network-building. communities of practice as a model for transformative change have been a core focus of my research and practice throughout my and i continue to believe in the power of bringing people together through intentional cycles of action and reflection.

my most important training has been life and my own healing journey. with thanks to the lessons learned through occupying this white, female body, i draw on the wisdom and joy gained from a life of unlearning social conditioning and healing ancestral wounds, with deep gratitude to the ancestors and the elders and teachers who have guided and supported me along the way. 


wildroots' wisdom council 

each of these wisdom keepers has been instrumental in the WildRoots' journey and beginning in early 2024, convenened to offer wise council to the continued development of the WildRoots' vision and action.  

Forrest Cuch
John Harris
Dr. Jimi James
Bishop Phyllis Spiegel

"I relish the opportunity to be with Amy, because seeing the world through Amy's eyes and heart always opens my eyes and heart to new ways of being in the world. Amy is a mystic, who continually remains open to becoming one with the divine. She models being a spiritual person living in a human body. Her strength, inner fortitude, and ability to be flexible in any situation are remarkable. Amy always finds the positive, even in the most challenging circumstances. She is calm and calming, quick to grace everyone with her smile and her delightful laugh, so full of love. Amy embraces the worth of all people and all living things. She understands racism on a deep level and works tirelessly to dismantle it. I can say without hesitation that Amy is a consummate professional, after working closely with her to create a groundbreaking, life-changing movement. Amy organizes her work priorities carefully--I can't think of a time when she dropped the ball, even with demanding, competing tasks and deadlines facing her. Amy is a skilled facilitator who deftly holds space for people to connect with each other and themselves. She always prepares intentionally to create a meaningful experience for all participants. Amy is full of Life and Love, and is a master at gently inviting others to bring their best selves more fully into Live and Love. I am grateful beyond measure to have Amy in my life, and I trust her implicitly. Amy is the servant leader I strive to be."

--Rev. Meribah Mansfield; Episcopal Deacon

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