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WildRoots is devoted to remembering the truth of who we are so that we might take our rightful place as whole, alive, divinehuman beings in this evolutionary moment, in service to Love and Life.


1:1 soul care session

we are spiritual beings having human experiences. in this journey of spiritual development of our souls, we need support, guidance, witness. these 1 hour sessions; 1 hr session on zoom or in person


Way of Love Communities of Practice

drawing on my ancestral lineages of Anglican, Celtic, Christian wisdom traditions to facilitate communities of practices devoted to Jesus' Way of Love. Communities of practice give us ground to open, experience, and become the truth of who we are: Love. 



participating in ritual honors life changes and supports embodied memory. ritual expresses outwardly inner truths and allows for release, thanksgiving, grief, joyful blessing that serve to integrate the changes into one's whole being.  


nature-based healing + worship

through direct perception and somatic practice, nature opens us to experience more than our human conditioning, connecting us in turn to our own divine nature.. 

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holding space for presence and emergence that moves groups to creative imagination, drawing strongly on circle as an ancient practice and form that returns us to the essence of what it means to be human, together.

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innerground journey

drawing on the book co-authored with Quanita Roberson,, there are offerings for groups/organizations and content for leadership workshops aimed at soul and spiritual healing, through the wounds of White Supremacy.




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