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WildRoots is devoted to remembering the truth of who we are so that we might take our rightful place as whole, alive, divinehuman beings in this evolutionary moment, in service to Love and Life.



we are spiritual beings having human experiences. in this journey of spiritual development of our souls, we need support, guidance, witness. ~1 hour sessions via zoom or in person; cost is $125/hr. and practicing gift economy and finding what feels good.



sharing this life-affirming creative expression is a gift and joy. check out the blog for a taste and join along on Substack for more regular writing. you can join for free and paid membership ($6/month or $50/yr) includes subscriber-only access to additional writing with opportunity to gather for monthly community calls to share and connect in the weaving of story. 



Reiki is a form of ancient energy healing used to facilitate self-healing, opening up blocked energy in the body to restore flow and connection. sessions are offered at your home or mine; also on-line. cost is $125/hr and practicing gift economy and finding what feels good.


nature-based healing + worship

nature opens us to experience more than our human conditioning, connecting us in turn to our own true divine, human nature.. the land of wildroots serves as a place to connect and through ceremony, somatic practice and energy healing, we can encounter nature all around us and remember that we are nature. 

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holding space for presence and emergence that moves groups to creative imagination, drawing strongly on circle as an ancient practice and form that returns us to the essence of what it means to be human, together.

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innerground journey

drawing on the book co-authored with Quanita Roberson,, there are offerings for groups/organizations and content for leadership workshops aimed at soul and spiritual healing, through the wounds of White Supremacy.

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a sweet summer container for this season of your blooming 

Beginning July 17 through August 25, we will make a deeply personal healing journey, shared in community. 


Based on the book, The Innerground Railroad: A 40 Day Journey of Remembering Soul and Spirit (by Quanita Roberson and Amy Howton), you will receive daily activities + meditations in your inbox, along with opportunity to gather with others making the journey.

The journey draws on the Dagara Cosmological Wheel out of Burkina Faso, West Africa and uses the five elements as a way to holistically explore our human, divine nature. We will learn about our own primary element and Spirit and engage with all of these elements as we integrate and transform old conditioned patterns into liberation and love. 

Dates include: Opening ceremony on Wednesday, 7/17 from 7-8:30pmEST; 

Sundays from 7-8:30pm EST (7/21; 7/28; 8/4; 8/11; 8/18; 8/25).

Cost is $350 

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