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responsibility falls on the one most healed

as we grow in consciousness and can see/feel/know more, we are responsible for that knowing. how this responsibility takes form does not always appear as responsible, conscious, wise, loving. sometimes a healing response brings pain, confusion, chaos. all of these are always present and from a more expansive view, there is a bigger story unfolding. those who can see more, see more fully that bigger story; not all can. it's not a problem that not everyone can see. it is purposeful. it is evolution.

as we grow into positions that allow a broader view, what does it mean to accept responsibility? this is question that holds true spiritually and materially, since the two dimensions are two sides of the same coin.

Meg Wheatley's voice comes in here with the message that to bring health to a system, connect it to more of itself. this is true on every level: individual, communal, collective.

  • can we open to and honor the pain present in the system while also not taking it on?

  • can we see and name what we see while also not judging?

  • can we include more and more of reality and not exclude anything?

  • can we be honest about what we want and live moment by moment?

  • can we choose from love and accept the consequences for that choice?

  • can we communicate as best we can what we know to be true, acknowledging that that truth will change?

  • can we allow ourselves to be moved by grief and then honor the space left in it's wake, not rushed to fill it with the new?

  • can we stand and kneel at once, humble in our knowing?

  • can we turn to community to return to ourselves, listening for the quiet whisper of our souls that we hear only in relationship with others?

responsibility falls on those most healed. a tough pill to swallow at times and i'm learning more and more also the gift in this, the liberation.

i'm growing to welcome the responsibility not only as a difficult burden but as a gift, an honor, giving thanks for the healing that has been done that has allowed such level of capacity to see/feel/know. it's healing that is never mine alone but spans out across generations, relations, species. it is healing of the whole and i'm only participating.

from this place of gratitude, i can taste freedom. i can taste sovereignty. and i am coming to know Love more and more intimately.

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