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sacramental life

i want to participate in a sacramental life
where each inhalation of life 
is met with exhalation of that life, manifested 
in the in-between space alchemized in the lungs through choice

where each inner shift is greeted by movement 
i can perceive and know in this body 
where the truth that resides deep, deep down 
spirals out of me into the world 
so that i can look it in its eye
and say, "well, damnnn." 
and maybe also, "hello, wonderful." 

i want to cherish reality as it is
discovering the divine dance that is always underway
patiently waiting for me to join in 
its flow and holiness

i want to honor and respect the truth
as the oars that connect my body-boat into the flowing water of life
so that we become one, moving seamlessly together

i want to participate
in the sacrament that life is--always already, 
with or without my awareness.
i want to awaken, moment by moment
to the mystical nature of this beautiful unfolding mystery 
and with heart open and hands outstretched, 

take my rightful place; 
offer all i can, holding nothing back; 
in service to Love.  

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