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infidelity cannot exist outside of relationship. infidelity is dynamic--a mutual, two-sided ordeal. the danger in holding it in terms of victim/offender; betrayed/betrayer is to lose sight of the nature of relationship. each partner equally contributes to the dynamic of relationship.

so, when infidelity is revealed, the question becomes: in the context of this partnership, how have we each betrayed ourselves? how have we forgotten the truth of who we are?

ultimately, infidelity is about betraying our own truth and hiding away in deception, addiction, fear.

to live with fidelity is to honor and act in our own truth, allowing nothing to stand in the way of that divine covenant.

marriage serves as a most powerful landscape in which to practice and live out fidelity. in the context of this intimate relationship there holds promise for the beautiful, painful, transforming process of becoming who we are most fully: spiritual beings having a human experience.

my/our marriage has certainly been this landscape for such becoming. it continues to be--even as it is excruciating.

after all, the medicine is in the wound.

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