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death, taxes, and carl jung

according to carl jung, the greater we increase the light, the greater we increase the shadow.

i wish i could phone-a-friend and dial up carl. i wanna conversation about this. about the dance between light and dark, between our liberation and our slavery.

when there is liberation, her sister slavery follows suit. an invitation to practice, an effort to counter-balance. will we fall back into old patterns, the old stories? or, will we remain steadfast in our new evolved version?

it’s a choice.

today, after a glorious Easter weekend full of new life and birth, there’s been opportunities to choose again: who will i be, now? and now? and now?

i ain’t surprised. and still…today was a doozy.

first, on what was turning out to be a grey and wintery day (with snow!), i got a call from my tax guy. we owed. BIG time.

this threatened to mess with months/years of growing into new relationship with money, work, and my own fiscal responsibility. to be more specific, my work the past months has been unpaid and i’ve recently launched a business. this has stretched and grown my family in our beliefs around abundance and resource and economies.

it’s times like this, when BAM! we get to put these beliefs to the test. and…as these things go, the day just kept rolling…one little test after another.

and on the day after Easter! just when i was riding like a cowgirl in my high horse. feelin’ so good and so accomplished and so evolved.

because i was/i am. and so, today came to root me. shake me. gift me…would i choose to receive it?

i did. i softened into the day. i rolled with it and drank soup and took a nap and listened to the rain and did my taxes and listened to trevor hall and did phone a friend! and emailed and cleaned and got still and did what i needed to do to stay rooted.

i’ve learned to take each moment of liberation and love and belonging and wholeness and to store them like seeds deep within myself, as touchstones. they are now mountains-turning islands. when days like today come, i return home and remember who i am.

there’s that saying that there are only two things are certain: taxes and death. but i know for a fact that ain’t all.

i know that shadows only come with light.

grateful for my shadows because only through intimacy with them, can i encounter my light.

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