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chaos + creation

last week was one of chaotic energy

with opportunities to notice the power of embodied creation–what it feels like to be human and in this body and join with the creative forces of the universe

the turbulent waters of our lives

stir us and in that stirring, an awakening

if we allow it

and if we are interested in life, then we come to know

living is to make friends with the waves of turbulence

learn to surf

ride the waves

as they crash down upon you and flail you about

and also gently cradle in you in the earth’s rhythms

your original lullaby.

in the moving waters of our life,

we can feel the impulse of our soul’s desire

when we care to notice it

and then we learn how the universe rises up to meet us there

as we ride the waves of life

in creation.

as often happens, a quote comes to mind just as i come to what feels like a closing. i love this. i imagine a conversation beginning. like i’m passing the talking piece. this time, to my teacher nietzsche. he picks up the piece and utters:

“one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

and then, puts the piece back in the center.

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