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we’ve been searching for land. we began several months ago, ready to finally take action on the tugging of our souls. yesterday, we headed out again. on the blue moon, halloween, a time marking “in-between” spaces, the liminal spaces between worlds. felt right to head out on this day, in this way. we had met a kind zillow agent who has been supporting us and had stumbled on something he felt we might like. it wasn’t what we planned—the other thing fell through—and knowing the search is always fun, yes!

here’s the short of it: we met james. who wasn’t just the owner of this land. he was in relationship with it. he loved it. he cared for it. he knew it. when he met us there, one of the first questions he asked was if i liked rocks. he spoke my language! i was so delighted and moved as he gifted me rocks he’d found on the land throughout his tour of the place…and something began to shift in both michael and i. it’s hard to describe these matters of the soul…

it was a returning.

my big gift—in addition to all the rocks!—was the knowing that this search is leading me to a felt sense of belonging. we began looking for land that could belong to us; now, i’m remembering i belong to the land. i belong to the universe. when you feel this down deep in your bones, it feels BIG. it is everything.

and the reminder that when search is experienced with curiousity and wonder, the gifts that come are unimaginable! expectations, planned outcomes—these things block us from so much possibility! we met james because we are choosing to lean into the questions, leaving behind the answers. and oh, how wonderful!

we’re already finding what we are searching for.

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