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by meg (11 years old) for earth day

the earth weighted down and hurting with our trash


We need to stop killing animals and polluting the ocean. About 30,000 sharks are getting killed an hour not even a year and that’s our fault. When birds feed, they have help from the sharks attracting fish to the surface so sharks and birds feed on the fish so if sharks die, birds die with them. About 2 million fish are killed by a human in one year. Not by their normal predators–by US. We are the predators and they are our prey. One way people can do something is by stop fishing with fishing nets like we are now. Just stop. Fishing nets make up about 47% of pollution in oceans. Some environmental websites for saving the earth talk about plastics straws and that is only .003% of the plastic pollution! Some of the sites aren’t even answering the easiest questions like “why don’t you talk about fishing nets?” To find more information about this topic, go watch a show called “Seaspiracy”. It gives all kinds of information. The estimate for oceans being emptied is in 2048 so in 19 years there will be no animals in oceans if we don’t do anything. Tell your friends, stop fishing.

Stop eating fish.

Love the ocean.

Love the earth.

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